Saturday, August 2, 2014

Robert Gamble: Williamstown Village Cemetery

Robert Gamble - Williamstown Village Cemetery, Williamstown, Vermont
While walking through the Williamstown Village Cemetery in Williamstown, VT I came across this stone. After some research, I doubt that I am related to this Robert Gamble, but since I did the research, I figured I would post it here for anyone else it may be helpful to.

Robert J. Gamble was born about 1871 in St. George, New Brunswick, Canada to Malcolm Gamble and Mary J Hood. He was naturalized in the US on 26 August 1896. He married 1) Lulu Hall on 21 Oct 1893 in Williamstown. He married 2) Sylvia Hood on 2 Jul 1902 in Haverhill, New Hampshire. He died on tuberculosis of the spine on 15 Jun 1905 in Groton, Vermont.

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